If I Host a Christmas Dinner

Indonesia doesn’t really celebrate christmas since our majority belief is another religion. But my partner asked me, what would I cook for Christmas dinner if I am th host?


Like I said before, celebration christmas is not as hype as Islamic day in Indonesia, generally. I raised and grew up in moslem community, it makes Christmas feels so far and I bet I’m not the only one. As a kid, I remember Christmas is a day off that begin with some speech from the church on television. As I grow older, I realised that Christmas is beautiful season of the year. Look at those decoration, the iconic Santa and his deer, the snowflakes too. Such a beauty. (Nothing snow in Indonesia but I learnt snowflakes in school lol)

My partner said that Christmas is more likely traditions in his home, maybe I can picture it like Idul Fitri here but prettier with winter touch. In his home, the family will open the presents on the night before 25th. For next morning, they will just enjoy the time together and meet with the whole big family for dinner. The next day, they will visit other friends to enjoy time together.


This year, my partner got the turn of being host. We discussed about it since early of December. He is so nervous. I suggested him to make what he really good at such as pie, meatball soup, etc. But I think he will changed a little bit and challenge himself to cook something new.

After in last few weeks to research and exchange recipe links, He decided the final menu. But here I am in Indonesia that don’t have a chance to join Christmas dinner this year, want to make my own menu. Because making menu plan for Christmas is tingling for me. Lol. Why don’t make ones, right?

Picturing Winter and White Christmas

To picturing christmas easier, I would like to make some conditions. I will have 15 guests between 15-70yo. They can eat everything since it is holiday, no calories restriction. They are best because none of them have allergies. Also I only have extra one to help me for cooking and serving. One more thing, as a diaspora I would like to cook Indonesian dishes.

In last few weeks, I kept checking on AccuWeather in four-season-country. In average, it said between 4-8°C. (Damn, too freezing for me). In that weather, something warm would be the best. The oldest ones need something soft to eat, so all the food better to serve soft texture. No spicy food allowed because most of them doesn’t like spicy food.

My Indonesian Menu

Based on the European formal standard menu, I need to make it properly as well. It wil be appetizer, main course, and desserts.

Appetizer is a small dish of food or a drink taken before a meal or the main course of a meal to stimulate one’s appetite. Common examples include: shrimp cocktail, calamari, salad, potato skins, mussels, bruschetta or cheese and crackers. But I will go with Pecel. It is boiled vegetables with peanut sauce. I will got peyek as extra condiment. Usually it comes with rice but it just appetizer, better to serve without rice. It will take 15 minutes to prepare because I will go with ready-to-go peanut sauce. (pssst… they will send all over the world)

Main dish aka primary dish. To tackle the winter season, food that warm and ‘heavy’ will be best. I also can prepare the rice as well to get more carbo. Yasss. I will go with Black soup aka Rawon. It is easy recipe and doesn’t take a lot of time. it just 30-ish minutes for preparation and let it simmer for a while before it served. The best condiment of Rawon is fried onion, kerupuk udang (shrimp kerupuk), telur asin (salted egg), sambal terasi, and sprouts. Rawon itself is not really daily meal. It usually prepared for special occasion like wedding or pray together in your neighborhood.

For the desserts, I will go with Tape Ketan Pudding. The tape ketan itself taste sweet with slightly sour and jiggly. The last time I made the pudding, it gone in a blink. You can put the pudding mixture in the small cup that perfect for single serving or maybe in a big mould that you can cut it before to serve.

What’s your christmas dinner? Please share in the comments below. Merry Christmas and Happy new year!