Ingredients: Ripe Sweet Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a tree in the Artocarpus genus of the mulberry family. The tree is native to Asia, but it is also found in tropical regions of Africa, Indonesia, India, South America and Caribbean. Jackfruit was cultivated in India 3000 to 6000 years ago and mostly used for preparation of various dishes.

Indonesian with Jackfruit

Generally, Indonesian use two types of jack fruit. The unripe and ripe ones. The unripe ones mostly uses for savoury meal like curry or gudeg. Recently, westerners used it as vegan pulled pork. For the ripe ones, we use for sweets like dawet or kolak.

In the middle of jackfruit, we called it heart. That white spongy is not for eat. It had a lot of sap. When it unripe, you can just remove the heart and cut and ready to go. When you have ripe jackfruit, you will remove the string between the ‘fruit’. You can save the seeds for another boiled small snack as well since it taste litlle bit nutty.

Beside pandan, we also use ripe jackfruit to get extra aroma in our traditional cooking. I would say that the aroma is smeels like sweet candy, with slightly banana but not. Some Westerners said it smells bad but not actually.

I got this recipe from my old cliping book. When I was 5th grade (when internet is not as big as today), I spent some times to made cliping cookbook. I got the recipe mostly from tabloid and news paper. I did that because when all those tabloid into piles, better to save it into book, I think. Now it become my secondary recipe index. It has plenty recipe from basic to fancy. From appetizer to desserts. One of my favourite is when the reader sent a letter to ask the expertise. So lovely and informative.

In this post, I would like to try Ketan Nangka Gaya Baru. The original recipe was made by Chef Bagoes Soepomo. He is a director from SHS, Surabaya Hotel School. One of the reader said that she likes eat sticky rice and Pak Bagoes try to combine the sticky rice with other ingredients to make it more creative.

The original Recipe called Ketan Nangka Gaya Baru. Ketan is sticky rice. Nangka is jackfruit but we will use sweet ones. Gaya is style. Baru means new. In short, it can called the Modern Jackfruit Sticky Rice.

The ingredients is so simple and sounds interesting. The photo from this recipe has japanese sushi style (that’s why it called gaya baru). The sticky rice as base and the sweet jackfruit as top then ‘sealed’ with nori. The dip sauce made from brown sugar, water, and diced sweet jackfruit. The sweet jackfruit will give extra aroma. Hmmm looks promising.

Ketan Nangka Recipe


  • 200 gr sticky rice
  • 200gr jackfruit, remove the seeds
  • 350ml water
  • 1 nori


  • 150gr brown sugar, thinly sliced
  • 40gr jackfruit, diced
  • 70ml water

How to Make

  1. Sauce: Mixed all the ingredients and cook in the low temperature until dissolved and thicker. Turn off the heat and set aside.
  2. Sticky rice: Wash the sticky rice and soaked into water for 4 hours. Boiled the sticky rice and add some water in several times. Turn off the the heat. Move the sticky rice into the steamer and steam until cook. Turn off the heat.
  3. Presentation: Take some the sticky rice and make an oval shape. Put the jackfruit on top. Sealed with nori.
  4. Serve with the sauce.


When you see the color, it is truly amazing. You got white from stickyrice, yellow from jackfruit, also the we use pandan as garnish and green banana leaf as base. All greens enchanced the color. So pretty.

This Ketan Nangka are soooo good. It is so simple yet delicious recipe. The combination between sticky rice, brown sugar, and sweet jackfruit will give you smooth sweet and crunchy texture.

The sticky rice needs to be perfect smooth, not too much water nor less. Pak Bagoes make his methode to get the right texture. He needs to soaked the rice for 4 hours to get the sticky rice stickier and smoother. We tried the quick ones with rice cooker, my saviour and skipped the 4 hours time. Ours is quite sticky since we added extra water. Unfortunately, the result is tasteless since the rice just cooked. I will add pinch of salt next time.

Since it is simple recipe, every ingredients take a big role. The jackfruit needs to be fresh and have crunchy texture then it will give you extra texture. Thanks to mbak Imma who brought this beauty to my kitchen. When the sticky rice still warm, it will be easier to shape. Unfortunately, when your sticky rice is warm, your jackfruit woud loss their texture. So, that’s why my sticky rice are not smooth as it should be.

The better brown sugar you have, better result will you get. Mine is pure brown sugar that have really dark color with slightly smokey aroma. I thought when the sugar is cooler, it will get thickens but unfortunately is not. It is still thin like japanese soy sauce which is right for Pak Bagoes intentions but not for mine. I would use less water and maybe some corn starch as thickener agent. Or maybe just cook longer.

We skipped the Nori because we don’t have it at that moment. At first, mbak Imma and I tried to use the banana leaf but when we tried, it looks odd. So we decided to make another shape. Bye-bye Japanese looks. Or modern looks.

I and mbak Imma quite happy tho with the result. If you have time and ingredients, it would have big pay off quick snack after busy day.