Jolosutro Beach: Enjoying Grilled Octopus

In some culture, octopus is common to eat. Let’s say Greece. They already eat octopus since ancient times. Maybe youo also read Japan that serves Octopus alive or they put it inside takoyaki. I personally never had it before.

Jolosutro Beach

Living in the south of Java Island means that I can get reach the beach easier. We have more than 10 beaches that you can choose. From super crowded area to almost private beach, Blitar have it.

It was early hot sunny day on December when I, my brother and my two other friend visit Jolosutro Beach. Between them, I’m the one who never visited this beach after years. I have no idea what kind of beach they have there. We took motorbikes to reach the beach. It is easiest the most convinient ways.

After 20 minutes driving, we started to hike the hill. The temperature slightly down and I got more breeze againts my cheeks. The air also refreshed my lungs. As the we had rain in few days back, the hill started to green. You can see most of oak woods started to grow the leaves.

Jolosutro is the widest beach in Blitar with balck sand. With black sand, it is getting hotter during the day. That’s why this beach is bit quite. For Hindu, this beach is important to do ceremony to celebrate Nyepi day.

The beach was almost empty. We only met two small group. I think it also because weekday then not so many people come. The breeze felt nicer and stronger there. If you bring hammock or matrass, that would be nicer to take a nap after an hour hot driving.

Enjoy the Grilled Octopus

Weeks earlier, my other friend told me that in Jolosutro beach they had new menu: Grilled Octopus. Sounds tempting for me. I tried to convince my brother to visit there with me. Surprisingly, he also never had octopus before. Perfect.

When we get the beach, there are several small warung. They sell seafood barbeque and coconut. From all those warung, there is only one that has Octopus menu. We tried to find which warung that my friend mean. We found it and it was close. Hahahaha too bad.

All of us just stare each other. We felt bit dissapointed after all the way to get the beach and craving the octopus, we got nothing in return. To entertain ourself, we just pick random warung that seems reliable. We checked what fish they had that day. Olala. What a Jackpot! The warung had the octopus as well. We were super excited!

While we waiting the octopus, we ordered coconuts to drink. The coconut water is important to amplify the ‘cholesterol’ in our bloood. I can say that because most of the time when you poisoined, coconut water as the saver. Then some people belived it will help to amplify the cholesterol.

My Thoughts

When the Octopus arrived in our table, it smeels so good and fresh. The lady added some yellow bumbu while grilled octopus and fish. The bumbu getting cooked and got smokey aroma with crunch from the grill. Our food came with rice, lalapan (kemangi and cucumber), also with sambal kecap.

The fresh octopus at its finest. The texture was bit chewy but still smooth that can almost melting your mouth. My favourite part is the tip top its tentacles. It is small and bit crunchy. It had the most smokey flavour.

The bumbu was blended perfectly. The yellow milky color came from the turmeric and candlenut. The turmeric can make the seafood less fishy aroma and the candlenut will help to make bumbu more nutty. The rest was garlic, shallots, pepper, coriander seeds, and galangal. Perfect.

All of the food was only took almost Rp 150.000,- or less than ‎€10.

I also made a video to encouraging you to try the octopus as soon as possible