School Bazaar

Back to my high school, I remembered my teacher asked us to make bazaar where we can sell anything. Making bazaar like this is still common nowadays, even kids who still in elementary school. The goal is student will learn how to sell something and set up mini business.

I was joined with my other 3 friends to set up the stall. Each of us brought at least one thing that we can sell but we have no idea. We need something good, somthing that everyone needed, and can be selling fast. We came up with idea: Food. Who doesn’t need food, right?

Ideally, we make our stuff from scratch to calculate the ingredients cost, time, and labor cost. I found that’s not practical then I decided to buy something good and rare from market, re-pack it and sell it. Some of my friends did what I did as well. Pssst, don’t tell my teacher 😉

Skip forward to the Bazaar day. The bazaar itself starts at 10am and I needed to bet there at least from 8.30am to prepare and set up the table. I went to the market nearby my home earlier to get Pisang Karamel or Caramelized banana. It was just 500 rupiah, as I remembered.

For those who don’t know Pisang karamel is sliced banana plus granulated sugar wrapped with thin lumpia skin then fried until the sugar started to be caramelized. One of my favorites back that time. Big no no for me today since I know how many sugar they put into it hahaha.

After I got the Pisang Karamel in room temperature, I started to pack it. One pack is two Pisang Karamel. I sealed with plastic neatly and extra careful since the lumpia skin is too fragile. Broken lumpia is not pleasing to see for my potential customer.

All my packed Pisang Karamel moved to my school safe and sound. I’m so proud to manage it since the bemo (Surabaya’s public transport) can be crazy at driving. After we managed the stall, we started to display our food. We got Pisang Karamel, Es Kopyor, Bolen Pisang, and Donat Kampung.

As a result, My Pisang Karamel sold in blink. It is same with other food in our stall. We were happy with the result. We also got many compliments from our customer how tasty and pretty packaging we had.

After reported our selling to the teacher, we packed the stall and brought back the table to our class. On my way back, I saw some plastic and packaging from our stall in the bin. We put sticker on our packaging so it easily to recognize.

I and my other friend was extra careful to take care our food to display. We choose which one is prettiest and the most convenient packaging. I could say that those packaging only use for less than 6hours.

After see the bin, I got new perspective. Packaging is one of the the most waste we could make. We buy anything comes with packaging like take away food, shampoo, soap, even a pen.

So, what can we do?

Buy stuff in big amount would give you less packaging. Imagine when you buy a sachet compare to buy in a kilo’s. We can save more than 50% plastic or packaging, right?

Bulk Store is quite trend and easily to find now in big city. If you living in the village, that would be easier because most of the traditional market would give more less plastic options. I often see people in the traditional market use bamboo as rope. Also, they still use waste paper to wrapped stuffs. Paper is more eco friendly than plastic, at least.

Photo by monsterijo