The New Normal: Food Delivery

Most of us been order food delivery at least once in a lifetime. Or is it already your new normal compare back in 10 years ago?

Food Delivery Games Begin

Food delivery is not new thing. It is common to see in several big restaurant or international fast food chain. To usefood delivery oreder, they give some conditions like minimum order, limited distance, and charge not really cheap service fee. Most of the restaurant even had different number for delivery service to make it easier for the customer.

I remembered it was good deal, it will increase your ‘social’ status since it looked fancy. Everyone in neighborhood will know that you spend such good order and pay the service as well.

Food Delivery Trend

Back in 2015, one of the big ride-hailing company started their new feature: food delivery. It was big hit in Jakarta as starter city. As a starter feature, the ride hailing company offered same price as you go directly to the restaurant. No need long time, the food delivery is already steal the customer’s heart and spreaded all over the country until today. Even we started to say gofud(the company’s feature) as food delivery service.

Food Delivery as Life Saver

Last month, I went to Surabaya to attend my friend’s wedding. I slept over in my auntie places. On daily, the house is lived by my cousin (and one kid), my aunt. They only three with their own diet needs like my cousin that can eat everything but work like crazy and rarely eat at home, the kid only can eat something soft like porridge or overcooked beef, and my aunt need to avoid long-list food because her health. It would be too much work if we cook, my auntie said. That’s all make sense for me.

When I got there, the kid were sick. My cousin asked me to order porridge from one of the restaurent in the town. I was too tired after my trip to get there. I tried to order food through the food delivery app. In less an hour, the food already in my hand.

Food delivery is true life saver. It save me from the traffic, long queue, and wasting time obviously. We have to admit that people nowadays realised that time is precious that you never can get back. It is just one button away to get your food.

Food Delivery Impact

Food delivery have a big impact in our food culture. I know some people that started their food bussiness pure rely on the food delivery app. Small warung/restaurant doesn’t really need to open their new place as starter. No need to invest nice lighting vibe restaurant, menu book design, or fancy plates that cost a lot of money. Even one of ummm celebrity chef said his restaurant started to collapse because food delivery service. Indeed, it is true that people prefered to back home as soon as possible to spend the evening in home with delivery food and watch movie on demand (N*etflix) after long hours at work.

I also often found the good deal food from the app. Let say who knows small warung that located more than 10 kilometers from your home that almost no-one know and they have special menu like nasi goreng with great achar? It helps a lot for reach more potential customer.

So, what’s dinner tonight? Shall we order?