Bumbu: Garlic Infused Oil

If you ever visited Indonesia it is easy to find abang-abang nasi goreng aka friend rice street food seller. Most of them already prepared ingredients that for cooking like secret mixed sauce, chopped greens, chili paste, pulled chicken, and peeled garlic. So when the customer comes, it just need less 10 minutes to cook. Fast, isn’t?

I’ve been tried nasi goreng seller in many cities from cheapo to fancy yo. From nasty place to fancy ones. From home cook recipe to big chain ones. My favorites still street food with home cook recipe with professional attitude. What I mean with professional attitude is cozy place to eat, clean, and fast response when the customer need them.

Every seller has their own recipe. It’s impossible to compare apple to apple. They have special touch. Some use sesame oil to bring up the taste. Some use tomato ketchup to give another umami dimention. Some sellers need use the real acar to get their best taste nasi goreng.

Even the variety is diverse, I observed that many of them use ready to go bumbu paste. Not sure what exactly inside it is obviously garlic as dominant ingredients because it simply puree white with yellow-ish color that I believe it comes from the oil.

Recipe Garlic Infused Oil

Last week, I got this food post on my timeline randomly. Well, not really random actually since the sender and I joined in the same food group. She said it is the secret bumbu from nasi goreng steet food. The secret is revealed! So excited.


  • 200gr Garlic
  • 2 candlenuts
  • 2 tablespoon sesame oil
  • regular oil (she use palm oil) for soaked the garlic

How to make

  1. Peel all the garlic and blender it. better if it is not too soft. Or maybe you can roughly grind it.
  2. Get the candlenuts and grind it as soft as possible.
  3. Mixed the candlenuts and the garlic. Make sure that everything blended. Put it into glass jar that can close tightly.
  4. Add the sesame oils and the other oils. Stir. Close the lid tightly.
  5. Let it sit for 3 days in room temperature. After 3 days, it ready to use.

Serious notes:

  • All the process must be dry and clean. No water added (even only a drop), otherwise it will be contamined the oil and the bacteria will grow.
  • After 3 days, better to put the oil into the fridge otherwise it getting more ‘fermented’. The longer you let it ‘fermented’ it will taste and smells better but don’t too long since it will getting rancid and sour.
  • You need to cook with the oil itself to get better aroma. If the oil almost finish, you can add extra.

After read and re-read her recipe, I felt amazed and tempted to try as soon as possible. It is easy peasy and I already got everything in my kitchen. Since I’m not that often to make nasi goreng or other garlicky food, I decided to use half recipe. Beside, it just trial to test that the recipe will be right or not. Let’s give it a try.

I did everything same as her recipe but I crushed too much with my blender so it become too creamy. I also used the glass jar as she mentioned to keep it since it doesn’t absorb smell, can use it for longer and fresh-er food, and cleaner. It simply science and she is right.

Nasi Goreng Recipe


  • 2 portion cold rice
  • 1 tbsp garlic Infused oil plus the puree
  • 5 chili, chopped
  • kecap manis
  • 1 leeks, thinly sliced
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • salt
  • fried shallot for sprinkles

How to Make Nasi Goreng

  1. Take a pan and bring the oil hot. When its hot, toast the egg with some salt. Make the scrambled in the pan. When the eggs cooked, turn off the heat and set aside.
  2. Saute the garlic infused oil plus the garlic puree itself in high temperature wok.
  3. When its getting the aroma, Add the rice, leeks, and chilli. Mix everything well and quick. Add some kecap manis and salt. Keep mixed it otherwise it will getting burn on the bottom.
  4. Add the eggs. Mix well. Turn off the heat
  5. Serve with Shallot sprinkles.


After five days, I checked my jar, the garlic puree smells to intense with slightly sesame oil aroma. So good! When I tried to sautee the garlic, it is quickly hit the perfect aroma like abang-abang nasi goreng on the street. Only with small amunt of the garlic, it can really bring the intense flavour, much better when you have frsh garlic. I think the ‘fermentation’ did right. Everyone definitely need to try. ASAP.