Five Ways to Create Less Waste in Your Kitchen

We are human that living in one planet sometimes we forget that we only have one planet for living. Oftentimes we do small things that create more waste without we realise. It is hard to change our habits after years but big steps start from small, right?

Use the Used Clothes/Napkin over Tissue

Do you have old clothes that innapropriate anymore to join the charity? Don’t just throw it away. It can be usefull as napkin in our kitchen. You can use it to wipe the dirts, draining your jar, even you can polish your stove. Tissue is easy and quick but it is not good for our enviroment since most of the tissue is made from tree, not recycling paper.

The first step is categorize the material like cotton, rayon, or maybe linen. The best material is cotton because it can be used many times after we washed it also it can easily absorb any liquid. Secondly, we cut it in our desireble size to make it easier when we use it. And the last, if we had plenty of this napkin, store it neatly.

Invest Reusable Container or Wrap

Reusable container is good investment for your kitchen. One thing for sure, reusable container can make you kitchen more neat. It can store your food, any liquids, even leftover dinner that you can reheat and eat it the next day.

Nowadays, the container comes from many shape and size. We have plenty options based our needs. They also offer many kind of plastic but make sure that you pick the food grade ones.

Traditional wraps in Indonesia mostly from leaves like banana leaf, teak leaf, or corn leaf. It is easily to get, give extra aroma in our food and eco-friendly. But if we living in the big city, those leaves is not easy to find or but it from the market can be not economical. But no worries, there are plenty options too to get your frst beeswax wrap (pssst it is old methode from ancient Egypt).

Buy Only What You Need

Shopping can be overwhelming especially when it just your payday or discount season. Everything looks nice and fresh. We (feel that) need them all. No no no, not everything we need. Most of it just something that you want. Stick to your groceries list and learn how to make a meal prep.

Use Reusable Bag

Always bring your reusebale bag in your car/motorbike or your daily bag. Choose the one that easily fold. Just in case you will hit the store anytime, you already have your shopping bag. Some of Indonesian supermarket charge for the plastic bag. It is such really small money but if you sum up for the whole year, you can have great dinner with that money.

In case, you want to look extra, remember the bag that your mom/grandma use for shopping in the market? Let’s bring the hype up again. Those reuseable bag are super convenient and very humble. It can be used many times and far more eco-friendly. Super nice and stylish tho.

Upcycle Jar/Plastic Container

Not sure where the trend comes. Most Indonesian, love to reuse jar/tin/plastic container from any things that they bought. When I was a kid, I was upset found my grandma hiding big container of ice cream and didn’t tell me anything about it. When she was sleeping, I tried to climb up the fridge and open it. Surprise, surprise it was big chunk of meat. Oh grandma. Such a dissapointment.

As I get older, I found this idea is brilliant. After I finished my cookies, I can use the tin to store my DIY sewing kit. My favourite is glass jar, mostly from sambal or jam (great to make my next achar!). They are nice and looks pretty too 🙂

Do you have more tips? Please share in the comments section!