Kitchen Waste: How to Make Enzyme Cleaner

For you who have one of the goal resolution in 2020 to make less waste or at least be responsible to your kitchen waste, I have a good news for you. It is envirentment friendly, it is use full, and can save your money. It called Enzyme Cleaner.

The first time I heard about enzyme cleaner when I was in the home-industry waste management workshop. The lecture conduct lesson how to handle the home waste like used oil cooking and fruit peel. But today I would like to talk about enzyme cleaner.

What is it Enzyme Cleaner?

Enzyme is an a substance produced by a living organism which acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. Cleaner is a chemical substance to used for cleaning. In short, enzyme cleaner is something that you can use to clean that contains organism.

The lecture from the workshop claimed that the enzyme cleaner is multi-purpose cleaner that can save your money and good for environment. It can be use to clean the window, mop the floor, the sinks, even the toilet.

I personally use it to mop the floor, clean my stailess steel sink, remove stains from my kitchen as well. It turns out incredibly clean without fishy smell like what the commercial brands used to. I’m happy!

How To Make

100gr palm sugar
300gr citrus peel (can be orange, lime or fruit with high acid like pineapple)
1tbsp instant yeast
1000gr water
1,5L plastic bottle water


  1. Clean your fuit peel throughly to remove any dirts. Cut it that it can go inside the bottle. Set aside.
  2. Mix the palm sugar, yeast, and water. Make sure that everything dissolve completely.
  3. Grab the bottle and put the peels inside. Add the liquid mixture and shake it several times. Leave your bottle half opened to make sure there is still some air circulation during fermentation other wise, your bottle would be explode. Mix for seven days. On the 8th day, let it rest with half open bottle for a week. Let the fermentation doin the job on its own.
  4. Record your mixing time. You need to mix exactly same time on the next day. Fro exaple, your first shake was 7am. Then you need to shake it again tomorrow at 7am as well. It is science, other wise your enzyme cleaner would be fail. Consistency is the key here.
  5. Your enzyme cleaner is ready to use. You will get acid-fermentation liquid, the color would be vary depends on your peel. I usually dilluted it with 1:15 ratio (enzyme cleaner: water) to mop my floor.

Things to Note

There is few things that need to consider

  • That was rough estimation. The original recipe is 1:3:10, sugar:fruit peel: water.
  • If you do in large batch, you can use container and stir it instead of shake.
  • Put the date label when you start to make it. So you know for sure when you can use the enzyme cleaner.
  • The smell and color can be vary depends on your peel. I tried to make the orange peel, it turns out cloudy yellow. I also tried with young mango peel (that still sour) and it turned out deep amber color like whiskey.
  • Some people said that the most effective is citrus fruit like lime, lemon, orange, etc. In case you don’t have time to make the enzyme right away, you can clean the peel and put it on the fridge. You keep it there for 2 days. I never tried other fruit peels to do this except orange, so I can’t guarantee if you use other peels.
  • The more water that you use will increase the effectiveness. This is will be important if you use the enzyme as plant fertiliser otherwise it will be too acid. You also will lose the acid smell after you dilluted it, don’t worry about fermentation smell.
  • If you are not in hurry and want more economical way, you can skip the instant yeast. It will take longer to get it right. You need to mix for a month and let it rest for another 2 months.
  • If you see some layers, that’s normal. The fermentation still works. But if you see the thin cloudy bubble and start to smell bad and can be worse when you have worms means that your enzyme doesn’t work. You need to make the new ones.
  • Don’t use metal or glass bottle. It will get easier to explode and rusty metal.

Happy Cleaning!