Mastering Your Knife Skill

Cutting skill is something basic that you need to do in cooking. People can cut but most of the time, they don’t cut properly.

Knife Skill

You will cutting with knife. Make sure to pick sharp knife because it is safer and easier to work with sharp knife than the dull ones. The sharp knife will help you to get quickly clean cut effortlessly.

Stay still your cutting board. It is dangerous to working with slippery cutting board. You can put a rubber mat or damp a towel. Your cutting board will be steady and you can work quicker.

Proper cut

There is two main reason why you need to learn the knife skill. Firstly, Uniformity. Let’s say you need to serve dinner for the whole family like 6 people. If you cut the the carrots in the same size, it will looks professional and no ones will envy to ech other to get bigger or smaller cuts.

Secondly, it is aesthethic. When you get food beautifully presented, it will be more appetizing. Imagine some strip cuts of beef on the top of your noodle. Sizzled and put it on your noodles neatly. It will be easier to put other condiments around it effortlessly. Bonus point, will be better to put on your gram 😉

How to Hold Knife

The earliest step to master knife skill is holding your knife properly. Based on this, Pinch the blade of the knife where it meets the handle between your thumb and first finger, then wrap the rest of your fingers around the handle. (Do not lay your first finger across the top of the blade.) This position will give you the most leverage and control as you cut and dice. It might feel a little awkward at first, but if you keep practicing holding your knife this way, it will quickly start to feel natural.

Type of Cut

Chop, chop, chop is the first basic of cut. Some people who hate cooking mostly they don’t master chop skills. Imagine when you have to chop the carrots and it takes lot of time since beginning of your cooking, you will get tired before you finish your food. It means, your chop skill is best friend. You don’t have to cook like a professional chef, you can make rough cut as long as it is sam e size, it will be fine. As your starter, try garlic or carrots to practice.

Dice is cubic shape cut for most of vegetables and fruits. No matter how big your ingredients is, the dice is a saver to make your ingredients looks cube that cook uniformly. When your ingredients cut horizontally then vertically, you will get nice cube cut. You can try with carrot or potato or maybe watermelon for salad.

Slice and Cut
When you cut bigger ingredients like lemon or cucumber for your infused water, best cut will be nice and clean slice. Most of home cooks will back-and-forth sawwing motion during slicing. The main goal is smooth slices with desired thickness. You can try to slice the cheese as well.

Chiffonade & Julienne
These kind of cut is common to use when you have greens for your salad or stir fries. It is also used for food that comes into pot. Chifonnade is slicing greens that give you long uniform that can strands as the results. You can try kaffir lime leaves to bring extra aroma in your javanese salad. Don’t forget to remove the ‘bone’ first, to avoid the bitterness. The other hand, Julienne is other word for matchstick shape cut. It is easier to find in wortel for indonesian urap-urap.


There is no magic to master knife skill. The only way to master it just practice, practice, practice. During your practices, please be kind to yourself. No rush, take your time to cut better.

Image by Racool_studio