Boba Fever

It is actually bubble tea but the Chinese pronounce Boba. It’s little black balls that sinking in your glass. It made from tapioca flour, chewy, gluten-free, and tasteless. The black color comes from black tea that they use to make the bubble. It can be served in hot or cold drinks. It is from Taiwan, invented in the 1980’s.

In 2009-ish, there is a drink franchise stall from Taiwan sold boba. It spread in the big mall in Indonesia. Unfortunately, social media as not as crazy now. So the boba trend is not really spread.

I remembered one of selebgram (celebrity instagram) posted her Boba tea during her Taiwan trip in 2017. She said it tasted heavenly. In next week, everyone posted about boba tea. Next month, Boba arrived in Indonesia and spread widely in all big cities. Another next month, people started to sell Boba on the street and smaller city. Oh wow. That’s a big trend now, I think.

Boba is everywhere now. When I knew how they make (thanks to Youtube!) and the ingredients, I feel no urge to get or make it. As Indonesian, tapioca flour is familiar for me. I know how to use it, I know the texture when it is cooked, so I can say I can imagine the taste of Boba. I’m happy without Boba and what surprised me is the price quite pricey for a student budget.

One fine day in 2019, I found boba milk shop with nice boba milk tea photo in front. It is a tempting picture with some Chinese writing. In second, I know I want them for the first time. It was a small, clean, and nice shop. They use white as dominant color with some wooden and green color accent. Looks fancy and hygiene. I have a good feeling about this place. It’s Mealux Station.

Before I entered the shop, other small groups of Chinese teenager came and looks so excited to choose the menu. It’s a good sign, I think. If I look closer, most of the customer when I was there are Chinese too. It’s another good sign. It is quite authentic then.

I ordered a classic brown sugar boba tea without seeing the menu. I just wanted a drink that they displayed which lead me to order. Lucky me, it was not too busy at that time. I waited for a few minutes and the fresh and cold boba milk tea already in my hand.

It was clever to spread the pearl around the cup, so the pearl sliding down and left strippy traces like tiger pattern. It looks more promising without big effort. Don’t forget about the famous boba itself, catchy. What so-called instagrammable.

In my first sip, I feel fresh milk and slightly sweet from brown sugar. I stirred more to blend it. The second sip, it is sweeter but not too much and whoop! I got a boba. Oh my, it is good. All the creamy milk with concentration of the and caramelized of brown sugar was super combination.

Boba milk tea is refreshing and delicious but unfortunately, it doesn’t remark new tingling in my sweet tooth.
Do I recommend this? Yes. Especially to follow the hype.
Do I want to order again? Not really, I prefer to try something else.