Indomie Soto is how my mom said I Love You

My mom is just typical working asian mom. My mom started to work at 8 am-3 pm. Monday to Saturday. She wanted to provide as best as she can for her kids especially for education. She sent me and my brother to the full day school from Monday to Saturday as early as 6.45 am until 5 pm.

In my elementary school, we learnt from regular studies, islamic subject, extra classes, and learn recite the Quran. Since my school is not far, we were cycling to school. It was only 15 minutes-ish.

During wet season, We always had raincoat in my basket. It was bit shitty since we had to bring stuffs like plastic bag to keep the shoes dry, thick raincoat (thicker is better), sandals, extra plastic bag for expensive or special book. Extra bonus if it is windy rain, will be freezing and extra careful to cycling.

Whenever I back home, my mom already home. Whenever I home in big rainy day, she always in the kitchen, boiling something. It must be delicious. Little me was all wet. I rushed to get the bathroom, took a quickest shower.

When I got my dry clothes, she already in the dining table with a bowl of Indomie Soto plus stirred egg. It was smoked hot with smells of soto. I put my palm on the wall of the bowl to melt my freeze. Felt so good.

The yellow noodles that bit soft yet chewy, means ‘al dente’ for me. The eggs that she stirred while boiling the noodles, made the soup thicker. The yolk that was half blended with the soup made the water so rich in flavor. The other half yolk already formed like a pocket that you can get the soup in last spoon. Perfect dish in freezing and tiring day.

As I writing this, I sat in the warung to get my Indomie soto with stirred egg like my mom used to make. I asked sawi to make it more colorfull in this gloomy day. The bowl is coming. Sluuuurp! It is good but as never tasty as what my mom used to make.