How to Make Tape Ketan

Glutinous rice has many names. Sticky rice, sweet rice, ketan (indonesia), mochigome/ もち米 (japan). Called sweet rice because most of use for cooking sweets.

This grains are chubbi-er than regular rice. Even the name is glutinous rice, they are actually doesn’t contain gluten at all. It also make you feel more full longer in your tummy. When its cooked, it getting sticky since the high amylose interacts with hot water, the starch molecules separate.

Like other Asian country, glutinous rice aka ketan is one of the important ingredients in Indonesia. Since the price is higher than regular rice, we use it for special occasion or special food. Not for regular eat in daily meal.

Dayak Ngaju from Borneo used to make offerings to God with Ketan. These people prefer to make offering food in traditional way. They put wet ketan in bamboo and grill it. They serve it in big plates with shreded coconut, salt and coconut sugar on top.

Javanese also make offering with ketan too. Javanese processed ketan in flour shaped also grain. The flour ketan can be use like klepon or bubur candil. The grain itself can be use for Wajik or Tape ketan, one of my favourite <3

Tape ketan is fermented food. It is soft, sweet with slightly sour and have some alcohol. The yeast that we use in tape ketan makes to break down the carbohydrate to sugar. That’s why we will get the sweetness. Our moslem community is okay with this kind of alcohol because it never get you drunk if you make it right.

Tape ketan itself can easily be found in the traditional market, wrapped in banana leaf. Or maybe in village during special occasion like wedding or Lebaran. But today, eat like Indonesian will share the easiest way to make tape ketan.

Since ketan is breakdown easily, we don’t use a lot of water. Most of the time we just steamed it or soaked on the water then steam. Otherwise, it will be super lumpy.

I tried many times how to make tape ketan. I streamed a lot of tips and process from Youtube video. They did same. Get your ketan clean, soaked in water for 2 hour (with colorants if you want), steamed for 10-15 minutes, put it in a bowl with some water, steam again. Keep it cool. Sprinkle with the biang/yeast. Put it on the airtight box for three days.

When I look closely during cooling down the ketan, it just cooked enough and not being lumpy at all. I was thinking, can I cooked it with rice cooker? Because I think to get that ‘cooked’ is possible. After tried some amount of water, Finally I got the right amount.

Ingredients of Tape ketan

  • 500gr ketan aka glutinous rice
  • 500ml water
  • 1/4 tsp food colorant (optional)
  • 1 pcs ketan yeast, around 3 grams

How to Make Tape Ketan

  1. Rinse your ketan with water to get out some dirt. Usually for twice rinse but if you have really good ketan, once is enough. Strain it. Put it on the rice cooker bowl.
  2. Add 500ml water and colorant (you can use less or not at all, your preferences!). Make sure that all the grains covered by water. Press button to cook mode.
  3. When it cooked, take from the rice cooker itself as quick as possible to make the most water stay in ketan. Spread it on the big non-sticky sheet of paper. let them cool in room temperature.
  4. Crush the yeast into powder. When ketan is totally cool, sprinkle the yeast. Make sure that everything is mixed.
  5. Put it on your airtight box. Close it and never ever to open it in the next 3 days. Let the yeast working with peace.
  6. After 3 days, you will find it getting mushy with a lot of water. The fermentation is done!

Video tutorial how to make Tape Ketan

To get easier understanding of how to make Tape Ketan, I already made video for you. Here’s the video

I can say Tape ketan is mingle food. You will eat it alone? Good. Put it on your es campur? Nice. Put it on your dawet? Even better! You never can go wrong with tape ketan.